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来源:   作者:     日期:2021-05-08 13:08:19   点击数:  

题目:Frobenius-Perron theory of representation-directed algebras

摘要:The spectral radius (also called the Frobenius-Perron dimension) of a matrix is an elementary and extremely useful invariant in linear algebra, combinatorics, topology, probability and statistics. The Frobenius-Perron dimension of an endofunctor of a triangulated category is a useful invariant in several different topics such as embedding problem, Tame and wild dichotomy, complexity of categories. In this talk, I will introduce the Frobenius-Perron dimension of of an endofunctor of a k-linear category, calculate the Frobenius-Perron dimension of representation directed algebras and quotient algebras of canonical algebras of type ADE. The talk is based on joint works with Jiayi Chen.