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Warped Product Finsler Metrics With Special Curvature Properties

来源:新葡的京集团350vip   作者:Topology and geometry group     日期:2020-12-19 18:40:28   点击数:  

Report time: 2020.12.17(Thursday),9:00-10:00 am.

Report location:845 645 714 of Tencent conference

Report title:Warped Product Finsler Metrics With Special Curvature Properties

Summary:Many Riemannian Einstein metrics are expressed in the warped product form and some of them are in spherically symmetric form. Finsler metrics are much more complicated than Riemannian. It is one of our tasks to construct Einstein Finsler metrics. One can compute the curvatures of Finsler metrics in the spherically symmetric form, that leads to many examples of Einstein Finsler metrics in such form. In this talk, I will discuss warped product (psudo-)Finsler metrics and show how to construct Einstein Finsler metrics in warped product form.

                                     Reporter: Shen Zhongmin